Set Sail for High Adventure!

New semester, new campaign. My second go at DM’ing a campaign. Hopefully it will last longer.

Since no one wanted to play my 4thEd, I’m using Pathfinder as my template. Here’s the reference site I’m using

If you can’t guess, the campaign will involve pirates and the high seas. It’s the age of discovery in this world and you’ve got a ship. Your base of operations and your way to explore the world and maybe even your grave. Naturally, every ship needs a captain, but the spots already been taken. Any new members will have to fight for that spot if they want it.

As for your characters, you’re generaly free to do whatever you want with them. However, K.I.S.S. characters create less headaches. Especially character names. For once, it be nice in a campaign to call your character by their names instead of exclusively by their class, races or worst, by the person playing that character.

Besides naval encounters, I’m also adding early gunpowder weapons to combat. Flintlocks and cannon may pack a punch but always be ready for close quarters. Also I’m adding casting and cooldown time for magic to balance with gunpowder so both are viable options. The teaks to magic will also make bards characters a really more viable class to pick.

Story wise, the party can strike out on their own under their own pirate flag. Or I’ve got 4 different world factions you can join each with their own agenda and very capable of world changing events.

Right now, we’re aiming for (hopefully) every Wednesday starting at 5:00PM and wrapping up around 9:00PM

Ports and Pirates

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