Off-Colored Rock "Martin"

A pet rock.


Looks somewhat different compared other rocks.


Found under a soldier’s cot in a Drow prison. Its current owner is under the belief its colour compared to other rocks makes this rock very special.

Also note: Absolon has a strange liking for this rock. He has kept it despite its large weight and odd angling. He has come to enjoy his rock during the days at sea and has decided that it will be his pet rock. Calling it Martin he now keeps it safely hidden away from dangers and thieves in a magically concealed chest.

The True story of Martin the Rock by Absolon’s Account

Martin was not always a rock under a prison guardsman bunk. No Martin was a rock of adventure. From humble beginnings as a rock inside the Empire he was the first rock to make a transatlantic voyage. He was carried by the captain at the time as a friend and companion on the high seas. However tragedy struck on the voyage back home, a freak storm occurred and Martin fell overboard. It was recorded the annals of history that the exploration fleet spent months sitting at sea, searching of the lost rock Martin. However after 3/4 of the crew died of starvation and the captain died of scurvy they abandoned the search. Over the next 100 years Martin would spend his time at the bottom of the sea, slowly but surely being washed to shore with the current. Finally, Martin made it back to the shore, it was an exhausting endeavor for Martin and he was glad to once again see the sky. Once he was on shore he was immediately picked up by an invading soldier who had just landed to capture the lands of what would become Talon. He followed the young soldier for nearly 125 years as his faithful companion before passing Martin to his deserving son who had gotten a job as a prison guard…

Off-Colored Rock "Martin"

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