Ports and Pirates

Captain's Log - 1st Entry
Captain Log 1st Entry

Dear Captain`s Log,

It`s been a while since I have written to you, so I apologize but here goes:

Back in my home town of Nikita there was a drow raid that took me captive, and transported me to the drow empire. I was placed in a boat and soon it was filled with about 8 more people. The drow that had kept us captive had then shackled and chained us up together so we had to move together. While on the boat I tried to become friends with a few of the other captives which included two dwarves (including one that was hilariously drunk) and a kobold, there was also some sketchy drow who seemed to be staring at me for the majority of the boat ride, the rest of the prisoners didn`t seem to trust him too much so I kept my wits and tried to avoid him as best as I could.

After what seemed like an eternity in that boat we were told to get out and to move in a line, I was first to get out. Once we left the boat the first thing that I noticed was that we were in a drow town (which I later found out was called Talon). As we were moving along I could feel that creepy drow bastard eying my assets, and not too much later that ass hole decided that he would try to make a run for it, leaving me and one of the dwarfs (Heinrich) to quickly reposition ourselves so we would not fall and be dragged along with him. However the guards quickly caught him and put him back in place, as we continued to wherever these drow were taking us.

Not too long after that idiotic stunt that drow attempted we got led into what we found out was a courtroom + prison, where a drow jury and judge had help court to tell us our crimes and our punishments. I found out that the drow with us had been some sort of thief with a really prevalent Sofa Fetish; like gross, what kind of sane minded individual would have a fetish with a sofa!?! The rest of the captives (including myself) were told that our crimes were that we weren’t part of the empire and all of us were to be executed by public hanging at dawn the next day.

After the hearing the guards escorted us to our cells in the prison, and by escorted I really mean tossed in roughly, I’m also pretty sure that one of those guards copped a feel when he threw me in. There was two cells in this division of the prison, in one cell it was me and that creepy drow, and in the other cell were the dwarves and the one kobold with the funny accent. As we looked around the cell me and the drow found a pile of bones, probably the skeletal remains of the last unlucky law breaker. The drow took a phalange from the skeletal remain and used it to pick the lock to our cell door as well as the other prisoner’s door.

As we left the cell we noticed two doors, one with a light coming from underneath and the other door we didn’t bother examining in detail. The drow crept up to the door and looked through the keyhole and heard the sounds of guards talking and the sound of someone sleeping. He went back to our cell and took some femur bones from the remains, he then slowly opened the door with the guards and we all crept in and fought. After the fight we noticed a chest and some weapons on a rack. We took what we wanted and I found a ring in the chest which made me feel like I was wearing some high quality armour.

As we left the cell we decided upon our next course of action but as that happened we heard a loud bang coming from outside and some other captives and myself went to listen to the prison wall, but as we were approaching the wall an explosion happened and the wall came crashing down on me. We looked outside right after and noticed the city was being razed so we took this as our chance to escape. We went outside and decided to go through the city to the docks to find a boat to escape from this land, but as we were on our way to the dock we were spotted by a short man who seemed familiar to me with a long orange beard.

We found out it was Barbarossa, one of the famous pirates of the high seas, he made us an offer, to fly with his flag and we would have a way off of the drow territory, all we had to do was find his first man Osmand and he would provide us a ship to leave the land with. As we made our way to the docks we found Osmand and he told us our ship was docked in port. We went towards the ship and it was occupied by it’s drow crew, Osmand informed us that if we were to have this ship we would need to fight the drow on it and take command of the ship.

As we started combat the drow acted like he was so important that he decided he would not move meaning that no one else would be able to cross to get towards the enemy drow who were attacking us, so I took some alternative methods and climbed upon the ship using the rope tying the ship to the dock, and I must say I looked like a total bad-ass ninja doing this, however when I made it onto the ship I was quickly surrounded and had to fend off three drow who were attacking me.

As the combat proceeded I found myself dodging every swing and blow that those pathetic drow were making on me, although the price of this was that it would be harder to retaliate blows as I was dodging, and eventually that lazy slob of a drow decided that he would help me fight off the three drow and we eventually won the fight. We returned to Osmand and told us this would be our new ship. We then were led to a place where we could rest.


Captain Elena Baskov


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