1st Session Prison Problems
Arrive in Talon.
Then imprisoned.
Absolon was annoying.
Use bones to escape jail cell.
Prison wall blew up.
Escapes through hole.
Talon under seige.
Fatal-Four Way.
Finds Barbarossa.
Joins Barbarossa.
Meets Osman.
Fight on the harbour.
Flees with Osman.

2nd Session Souls and Ships
Night on ship.
Meets Sergei.
Next Day.
Pirate test.
Fight on ship.
Claims ship.
Sees Ghost Ship.
Surprisingly humble Absolon.
Charon appears.
Get free ship.
Sail for Kesh.

3rd Session – Chaos in Kesh (Maintenance Session)
Arrive in Kesh.
Buy new ship. Wait 3 weeks.
Sanjay has fun at the local bathhouse with Terry Crews.
Shopped at Bazaar.
Meet and sold booze to Amir.
Absolon tries recruiting doctor. Gets Awkward.
Wilhelm fails at drunk. No fights.
Absolon baffled by Izmir society.
Absolon sneaks into Kesh mosque.
Absolon encounters Tiamat.
Absolon tries BARTERING with A CHAOS. GOD. Fails.
Tiamat’s Red Wrath consumes Absolon.

4th Session – Victory for Vane
Absolon arrives in ship as female
Absolon panics, smashes head to pass out and trigger vision with Lolth.
Elena shoots then wrestles Absolon
Absolon makes out with Elena
Absolon smashes head on floor and passes out. Fails at meeting Lolth.
Elena ties Absolon to the mast
Absolon tries to pass out to talk to god in visions, fails
Absolon continues to try and pass out by holding breath to meet god. Fails. Several Days used.
Ship nearly destroyed by Lord Commander Vane
Ship carried off in tidal wave
Ship destroyed, crew scattered
Absolon attempts to yell at Lloth, promising to embarrass all Drow female kind. Ignored
Elena and party meets with Vane, works with him.
Finds Absolon yelling
Absolon carried off still tied by Vane, embarrasses all female Drow kind. Still ignored
Find Sanjay being cooked, freed for apples
Absolon slapped unconscious, vision of a dragon on a mountain. Absolon doesn’t care.
Awaking Absolon attempts unconsciousness again to trigger vision with Lloth. Ignored.
Absolon continues to yell and embarrass all female Drow. Ignored, again.
Crew, except Abosolon who does nothing but yell, agrees to work with Vane to get off beach.

5th Session – Sisters and Spiders
Elena meets sister
Party actually washed up near Nikita
Absolon beaten with a rock while tied up
Party sails to Stalingrad

6th Session – Runaway Rogue
Party arrives at Stalingrad
Absolon escapes vessel through a porthole. Searches for Lolth shrine/temple fails.
Mordicai chases Absolon, Absolon eludes.
Absolon disguises self and continues to search, fails.
Absolon arrested by guards.
Absolon unable to escape prison.
Absolon has vision of Lolth, Lolth begins talking about rock that its mother needs.
Wilhelm fails drinking contest. Enters severe depression.
Heinrich wins a brawl for a commendation
Absolon has vision of Tiamat. Tiamat tells him to go west, Absolon agrees if turned back into a man.
Tiamat promises to change Absolon back if he goes west. Absolon doubtful of a chaos god’s word, asks to be changed back first.
Tiamat thinks on it and shows male Absolon turn into a piece of paper. Absolon eats paper thinking it would change him into a male.
Absolon awakes believing he will be a male, he is not. Absolon is running out of ideas.

7th Session – The Last Lie/Truth
Heinrich wins commendations from drinking contest
Heinrich wins commendations from using rare item to smash Sanjay in face.
Elena wins commendations from dice game
Marjority of crew addicted to Liar’s Dice.
Elena wins commendations by purchasing it
Elena gets in fight with brother a dead man from the first ship we stole.
Absolon meets Lolth. Lolth asks for help find a rock then disappears suddenly.
Absolon dies, Cazna emerges as dominant personality.
Cazna practices and researches through memory female drow mannerisms and traits.
Cazna murdered by Mordicai

8th Session – Goblins, Gifts, Greed and Greetings


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