What’s My Limit?

You can drink up to 1+(CON mod x2) units of alcohol as your max limit. Any units of alcohol above that limit, and I start putting Sickness Stacks on you. What exactly a unit of alcohol is, I can’t say (that’s cheating). I consider your character Drunk when your halfway from reaching your limit. While Drunk, any desire to move must have an Acrobatics check done to keep you upright. Failing these will have you swaying away from your original destination. Failing horribly has you tasting the floor.

BuzzedCON mod units
Acrobatics DC 5
DrunkCON mod x1.5 units
Acrobatics DC 10
Wasted – Pass Limit
Acrobatics DC 15

“I Don’t Want to Drink”/“I’ll Have Only a Few”

Yeah . . . but . . . you’re also pirates. Where’s the hair on your chest?
Rule of thumb: You go to a bar to drink. If not, you’re just asking for trouble.

Sickness Stacks

A Sickness Stack will last for an hour. At the end of each hour, make a Fortitude Save. Fail, and you’ll be blowing chunks and rendered prone. The tile in front of you will be made slippery.


DC 2 when you reach your limit.
+2 for each unit above that.
+5 when mixing with other drugs.


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