Cavalier Rings

Fairly simple command words. Fist in the air and shout:

Summon Mount: “We ride together.”

Desummon Mount: “Til we ride again.”

For Cavaliers, if the mount falls in combat, the respawn time before you can resummon your mount is a span of 24 hours. However, if for any reason the mounts falls outside of combat, the wait timer will be a full week before another resummon can be done.

Along with a time penalty to wait out, there is also a cost penalty as well. the ring face is large enough to place gold coins to sent to pay for another mount. You have to place one coin at a time to pay off the fine.

It takes DEX mod x 100 to figure how many coins you can place in an hour for a max of CON mod hours per day. Any attempts to go beyond your dillagence will have you exhausted the next day.

Cost for combat death: 100 gold
Cost for non-combat death: 1000 gold and doubling in value each death there after.

Special Note: Other Cavaliers look poorly on those who allow their mounts to die

Mount Information
Camel – Carry 900 pounds
Horse – Carry 300 pounds

Cavalier Rings

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