Magic and Weapon Rules

Keeping Magic In Check

To Keep in check with gunpowder weapons, simply add a cooldown period to the spell before using it again.
.Less than 1d8: a standard action (shocking but all the same). Maybe a kick to their shins while catching
.More than 1d8: a full round doing something else before casting.
.More than 6d6: You can hit like cannon. Take a two-round breather.
.More than 9d6: You hit like really BIG cannon. Three turns.

However, feel free to cast spells at your leisure. Just know for that for every cooldown round you ignore, you become EXHAUSTED for that many rounds IN HOURS. Hope you don’t need to run after all that.

Changes to How Certain Weapons Work

Gunpowder Weapons
Downgrading from Exotic to Martial to properly wield. Doesn’t need Gunsmithing to wield it either.

Light Crossbow still work under DEX, and Heavy Crossbows now work under STR. Treating Heavy Crossbows as maybe a Gastraphetes/High Tension Steel Crossbow requiring some grunts to load.
Question my history if you want, but if some party members want STR ranged as A option, it will be A option.

Magic and Weapon Rules

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