Ship Combat

Before the Battle(s)

Wind and Currents1/2 speed against, x2 in the same direction. Must have your sails catching your sails to be affected by wind. Ships with oars can ignore some of this (so long as they survive).
Initiative – The Captin’s roll for each ship involved

Moving in the Ocean

Catching the Wind – For each sail on your ship, your crew needs to make that many successful Profession (sailor) checks to utilize the wind movement bonus
Turning – the ship’s captin must declare a direction (left/right/straight) to travel in. Ships don’t turn on a dime (You have to get inventive to accomplish that feat).
Speed – In increments of 30, from FULL STOP to FULL SPEED ships can speed up or slow down at the captain’s discretion.
Sinking – ship will sink when hp is 0, takes 10 turns for sinking ship to disappear

Attack and Defence

Armour Class – Ship’s AC + Captain’s Profession (sailor)
Crew – If the ship falls below its minimum crew, it loses the ability to attack with cannons (maybe a few cannons if you can spare but really…) It’s only method of attack is ramming the ship.
Ramming ships

Boarding Ships

Boarding can be done in two methods.
Big Battles:
Get along side the ship (duh) and secure grappling hooks or boarding lines to keep the ship from escaping. Then leap or swing (Acrobatics) across to engage.
Small Surprises:
Need to be in a boat smaller than the target ship. In the right conditions, possible to do Stealth checks. Also possible to do some ship sabotage. Then using grappling hooks, Climb up and do damage.

Ship Combat

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