The Oju Tribes


Main Race:
True Neutral

Naval Strength:
Army Strength:
Use of Gunpowder:
Allied With:
The Cherbourg Republic

The Five Tribes:
Ironcraft, Oakflesh, Shadowhand, Bloodfury, Firebane

About the Oju:
A group of orc tribes that seem to have united into one nation. Their symbol of a simple handprint represents the 5 tribes and how they’re all connected through one body.

First discovered by Tengrin explorers, their attempts to subjugate the Oju would lead to open hostilities towards the Tsardom that last to this day. It wouldn’t be until the arrival of Cherbourg settlers before the Oju would begin trusting another outsider to their kind. It also helps that the Republic are the kind of people that would trade knowledge with the Oju rather than trade gunfire.

It remains a rare sight to see such a primitive and warlike culture join together under one common banner. While there is the occasional dispute between tribes, there is still somehow a sense of unity despite having nothing in common between the tribes. Perhaps there lies a greater purpose for their reasons to ally and trade with others that has yet to be explained…

The Oju Tribes

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